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Colion Noir on NRA News

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Mikeb302000

These guys are like two bullshit-artists blowing smoke up each others asses.
I loved what Colion said, "It was love at first shot."  This is what happens to many insecure and frightened men who suddenly find the cure to their lack of empowerment. Immediately afterwards they construct elaborage justifications for gun ownership like "I could probably take on one guy, but two or three or four."  They actually convince themselves that it's a serious possibility that they'll be attacked someday by "two or three or four" guys and having the gun will save the day.
The real reason of course is the feeling of empowerment the gun gives them. It compensates for a psychological inadequacy. And once experienced, they'll go to any length to maintain it.

Now, that wouldn't be so bad except for the down side.  People should be able to own whatever fetish items of talismen they want to feel whole, but with guns it's not so simple.
Gun accidents are not the statistical anomaly the gun fanatics keep saying.  Besides the hundreds of deaths that occur each year, there are many times that who are seriously wounded. These are the direct result of gun proliferation.
Even worse is the gun flow into the criminal world. Through various means, lawful gun owners are the source of almost all the guns used in crime. The more diffuse gun ownership is, the greater the gun flow is into the black market.
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