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Coke Unites Brands Under “Taste the Feeling” They Got Twitter Covered But Not The .Com

Posted on the 19 January 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains


Coca-Cola announced today that it has launched “its biggest marketing campaign in a decade, uniting its four brands under one new tagline: “Taste the Feeling”.

“Coca-Cola today announced that for the first time, all Coke Trademark brands will be united in one global creative campaign: “Taste the Feeling.”

“The soft drinks giant will ditch the different brand personalities across Red Coke, Life, Zero and Diet/Light Coke. Instead, all four brands will be marketed as Coca-Cola variants, the first time this has happened under one global campaign. ”

Unfortunately for it, Coke does not own the domain name; that domain was registered back in August by a Company in Toronto and is going to a Godaddy placeholder.

The article goes on to say Taste the Feeling” will bring to life the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola – any Coca-Cola – is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special. While Coke’s award-winning “Open Happiness” campaign leaned heavily on what the brand stands for over the last seven years, “Taste the Feeling” will feature universal storytelling with the product at the heart to reflect both the functional and emotional aspects of the Coca-Cola experience.”

Does Coke NEED the matching .com domain name?

Well Coca-Cola, did grab the Twitter handle of @TasteTheFeeling and the hashtag #TastetheFeeling so while it may have felt they didn’t need the .Com they obviously needed the Twitter Hashtag and Handle

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