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Coinzilla Review: Is It Best Crypto Ad Network?

Posted on the 07 January 2020 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

If you’ve got a blog/project/product in the Cryptocurrency niche, this Coinzilla review has found you well. Should you proceed with this piece? Well do you own a Crypto blog and wish to make money off it? Do you want your product to get more exposure? If yes, that’s enough of a reason for you to keep moving forward with this review.

No, we aren’t saying Coinzilla is the best Crypto ad-network out there. It may, or may not be. The purpose of this review (alike all our other reviews) isn’t to sell you the company. We just want you to go through the review, lean over its Pros and Cons and make an educated decision.

What is Coinzilla?

Coinzilla is a Crypto and Finance-ad network. It caters to the needs of Advertisers by displaying and promoting their ads on its Publishers websites. As for the benefit of Publishers, they make money for the ads displayed on their websites by the Advertisers.

What attracted me most was the fact that some of the biggest Crypto-projects on the planet are using Coinzilla. Not limited to, but including exchanges like KuCoin, casinos like BitStarz, 1xBit etc. Followed by non-Casino projects such as, WeMark etc.

companies using coinzilla

Officially, it claims being capable of 280Million+ Impressions and 300K+ clicks a month! By any standard, those are pretty impressive numbers.

Coinzilla Primary Features

Before asking you to dive deeper into this Coinzilla review, let us paint you a picture of the same. The primary features which Coinzilla boasts of are:

  • 5 Ad-types supported.
  • CPM and CPC based.
  • No wait-period, daily payouts.
  • BTC/ETH Deposit Withdrawals.
  • Fiat deposit/withdrawals available as well.
  • High quality (Premium) traffic available.
  • Extreme control and flexibility over ads.
  • Fast ad and website approvals.

Did any of those points sync with what you seek in an ad-network? If yes, we hope the rest of this Coinzilla review is equally informative.

Types of Websites Accepted

This section will benefit you regardless of you being an advertiser, or a Publisher. If you’re an advertiser, you’ll get an insight into the types of websites your ads will be displayed on.

If you’re a Publisher, you’ll learn the requirements you need to comply with in order for your website to be accepted.

First and foremost, only legal websites are allowed. Any website in any way violating any State, Federal or Local law isn’t allowed.

Sites with Inappropriate language, free domain names, a ton of ads, adult content, not quality content, or just not a professional design are directly rejected. URL Shorterners, ICO websites, or Faucet websites aren’t accepted as well.

Also note that only 1 banner per size is allowed. Using multiple banners of different sizes is allowed but not of the same size.  Also a maximum of 3 banners at a time are allowed, this prevents spamming.

All in all, the website and display restrictions make sure your company gets the required attention, without shoving the ads down people’s throats.

Fraud-Prevention Measures

Apart from the quality of these sites, the company also prevents fraudulent clicks and impressions. This ensures Advertisers only pay for quality ads and not spam traffic.

Sites with incentivized traffic or clicks are rejected. Purchased traffic isn’t allowed either. So Advertisers are ensured of real, targeted traffic rather than randomized bought traffic.

Auto-refreshing the website isn’t allowed either. This protects the CPM ads from having to pay for duplicate or non-quality traffic.  

Any sites involved in traffic exchanges or with pay to click incentives aren’t accepted either. All of this goes towards getting the advertisers quality traffic no matter what. It’s also maintained that Advertisers only pay for the banners actually displayed. So if a banner is at the bottom of the site, and users do not scroll down to the end, the advertisers aren’t  charged.

Both CPM and CPC Modes Supported

Coinzilla is a hybrid ad platform, alike most other similar ad networks on the planet. As in it supports both Cost per Mile (or Cost per Thousand) as well as Cost Per Click ads.

So Advertisers can pay either for the number of impressions of their ads, or for individual click. The same revenue model applies to Publishers as well and they benefit from both the ad-types.

Supported Ad Formats

A total of 5 Banner types are supported. While this isn’t a major deal-maker, it surely adds to a reason why Coinzilla might be worth a try.

Currently it supports:

  • Classic Banners
  • Native Ads
  • Pop-Under.
  • Header Banner.
  • Sticky Banner.

Is this your first time Advertising or displaying banners on your site? Well in the case, classic Banners are basically those images/Gifs/Video banners we apply on our sites’ sidebars, headers or anywhere else. They’re the most common types of ads.

Native Ads are my personal favorite. They’re the most camouflaged types of ads. They understand the layout and theme of the page, and then are displayed making them less ad-like and more as native, genuine content. These are CPC based, and advertisers only pay for clicks. (Obviously Publishers also make money only on Clicks and not on impressions).

As far as “Visual Attention” goes, Native Ads are a lot more engaging then Banner Ads. They sure have their cons down the road, especially when it comes to Bounce rate or on low-traffic sites. But as a study from Sharethrough ( shows, Native Ads have a 52% more visibility as compared to banner ads.

Native Vs Banner ads

Pop Unders aren’t something I personally prefer. Simply because they open unwarranted windows without the user’s explicit permissions. But there sure are content/audience and targets which it suits best.

Header Banners, the name says it all, doesn’t it? Sticky Banners? The same thing as Header Banners but displayed at the bottom of the page.

In a nutshell, the platform is armed with all the right tools to get you exactly what you need. A lot of conversions.

Custom Banner Creation

Not each one of us is a Graphic Designer. To solve that very problem, Coinzilla offers custom banner creation for its clients.

So in order to run an ad, you do not have to get a creative team to help you out. Infact, the banners created by Coinzilla were pretty impressive, and for pretty big brands. Here’s a screenshot displaying the same:

Coinzilla Custom Banners

Minimum Budget, Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

When I’m choosing an ad-network, I like the minimum budget requirements to be low. Primarily because when testing the waters, it’s just not smart to deposit thousands of dollars. Starting small and scaling it up is what generally works for me.

Fortunately, the minimum deposit required on Coinzilla is acceptable.  It’s set at 0.05 BTC or 1 ETH. At its current price 0.05BTC=  USD $365.00.

Although you can choose to deposit using ETH (Ethereum). The minimum requirement then comes down to just around USD $114.00 at its current price.  While not ultra-low, it’s pretty doable.

A number of various deposits modes are available as well. First and foremost, my personal favourites, the Cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the very few ad-networks out there accepting not just Bitcoin, but also Ethereum as a mode of payment.

If you’re a traditionalist, you also can choose to make the payments using Bank Transfers as well.

As for Publishers, how do you get your funds? Well you can either choose to be paid in Cryptocurrencies (both ETH and BTC), or via Bank transfers.

Coinzilla Review: Is It Best Crypto Ad Network?

There is absolutely no withdrawal fee incurred to the Publishers. The minimum threshold is pretty low as well, set at just EUR 50.00.

Payment Frequency and Fill Rates

There are ad-networks which pay bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. Coinzilla trumps them all by paying daily! If you’ve made the payment threshold, you get paid every single day, period!

It claims a 99% fill-rate, meaning not a lot of your traffic will go to waste. If there’s a request to display ads, it’ll in most cases be fulfilled.

Brand Awareness and “Premium” Traffic Packages

Sometimes we just need to get the word out. Let people know of a product/company. The quality of the traffic doesn’t matter in this case, we just need more eyeballs. With most other ad-networks we end up paying the same price regardless of the traffic quality, don’t we?

That’s not the case with Coinzilla. It provides two primary types of traffic. The first is called “Brand awareness” and the second “Premium traffic”. The latter is from premium websites. These have more chances of conversion and contribute towards user acquisition.

Coinzilla Traffic Packages

The former however, is primarily for the “eyeballs” although not completely without conversions. Fortunately, we only pay for the type of traffic we get. The “Brand Awareness” traffic averages around EUR 0.2 CPM while the Premium sets us back by around EUR 3.00 approximately.

UI and Reports

One of the primary points we can mention in this Coinzilla review is the simplicity in its UI. It basically is the same both for Advertiser and Publishers for the most part.

The dashboard shows the total number of Impressions, Clicks, CTR and expenditure for Advertiser. Publishers see a “Earned Today” in place of the expenditure stat. Pretty straight-forward and can be understood even by first-timers.

Advertisers get complete control over their ads. The CPM price, as well as a daily-budget can be set alike most other similar networks. Two types of targeting is possible, based on Geographical locations and/or Devices.

Coinzilla Reports

You can choose either to target Desktop or Mobile users. There even is a blacklist which helps advertisers exclude platforms from displaying their ads. Moreover, they allow two post-approval options.

The ads can be automated to run instantly upon approval. Or, paused till you come back, log in and have a final look before running them.

All in all, even the newest user can set up their ad campaigns in less than 5minutes. The reports are extremely detailed as well. You get individual stats for each day. The amount spent, eCPM, CTR, Clicks etc.

You can even sort the reports based on county, OS, browser etc. This helps in understanding and optimizing your ads better. Bottom-line, despite not being a numbers-wiz the report did make enough sense to me.

Coinzilla Marketplace

Coinzilla also has a marketplace which can be used for more direct advertising. If you own a Crypto/finance based project, the marketplace can be used in a variety of ways.

You can get Press releases, Video ads, direct advertising or a number of other exposures on some of the major blogs in the industry. Some of its biggest platforms include Mycelium, Coin Telegraph, TV commercials on Block TV etc.

You can also filter the sites, choose if they’re Google News-approved, and have unique content, allow Gambling etc. Let’s tunnel-up this Coinzilla review before our final verdict then?

Coinzilla Support

Not the finest moment in this Coinzilla review. The company does have a live-chat on the platform. The chat however was slower than we’d like it to be. It totally works, and the representatives are friendly. It’s just the speed I had a problem with.

Although if it’s not very urgent, you also can get in touch with them via E-mail. Need a more personal approach. They’re even available via Skype and Telegram!

Coinzilla Pros and Cons

Alike every other ad network on the planet, Coinzilla too has its Pros and Cons.


  • Daily Payouts.
  • Crypto+Fiat Payouts.
  • Low minimum deposit requirements.
  • Instant Signup and Account Activation.
  • Site-quality ensured.
  • Fast ad-review.


  • Support speed could be improved.

Final Verdict on Coinzilla

So that’s us signing off this Coinzilla review folks. As for our final verdict, all we can say is the platform has impressive stats and history. Will it work for you? You probably know ads do not work like that. It may, or it may not. Depending on your project, the banners used, the targeting, market-demand at the moment etc.

But the publisher-arsenal at Coinzilla is sure worth a try to say the least. The UI, reports and everything else seems welcoming with the least bit of complications. Even the ads are accepted (or rejected) within 24 hours!

So in a nutshell, we’re leaving this Coinzilla review on a pretty positive note. Although your thoughts on the same would be much appreciated. The comment-box is all yours!

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