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Coffee Recipes That Will Change Your Attitude to This Drink

By Ty Watson

A few things in the world can compete with coffee in terms of the special atmosphere and magic. Many people cannot imagine a productive day at work without this stunning caffeinated drink since it helps them wake up in the morning, get themselves together, and meet all the challenges. It boosts both energy level and mood since it has long ceased to be just a beverage. People love its taste and incredible aroma, so they are ready to get outside earlier in the morning and stand in long lines just to get a portion of coffee to go. However, not all coffee admirers are ready to make it at home.

In most cases, they had an unpleasant experience that discouraged them from doing it once again. Maybe it was about the lack of knowledge, and an unsuitable coffee maker, or the wrong recipe. By the way, the latter is a pretty common reason since people make straight coffee at home in most cases, even if they prefer more complicated and diverse drinks. Thus, it is time to grab Kult coffee, choose a suitable recipe and find time for making the first cup of a delicious drink at home.

Coffee Recipes That Will Change Your Attitude to This Drink

Orange coffee

You might have heard many times that it is useful to treat yourself to fruits in the morning since they provide your body with a boost of vitamins and energy. However, if you prefer to start your day with a cup of coffee, you can kill two birds with one stone and make your morning routine not only pleasant but also useful. Orange zest has a wide range of beneficial properties. It will not only help you wake up much faster but make coffee taste much brighter. Thus, you should squeeze the juice out of one orange, finely cut zest, and put it aside. Then, make coffee the way you like most. Add orange juice and zest, mix, and leave everything for 7 minutes. You can add sugar, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt to taste.

Lavender latte

It will be a win-win option for coffee admirers who like the smell of this wonderful flower. Lavender can boast of many sound effects on the human body. Thus, it can help calm down your restless mind and protect you from microbes. You can treat yourself to this amazing drink almost around the clock. First, you should make straight coffee the way you like most. During this time, you need to warm up one glass of milk and whip it until froth. Slowly combine milk with ready-made coffee, add a pinch of fresh lavender and leave it for several minutes.

Coffee with nuts

If you have never tried coffee with nuts, it is high time to fix it since it is one of the most delicious combinations out there. It is not to mention the beneficial properties of such a drink since nuts are a wonderful source of healthy fats that your body uses for energy production. You can experiment with different nuts since tastes differ, and while one person adores almond coffee, another prefers hazelnut or pine nut. Anyway, you need to make straight coffee first. Meanwhile, chop or grind nuts and add them right into coffee. To make the taste deeper, you can add a suitable syrup but don't overdo it.

Vanilla coffee with banana

They say that morning rituals can become a great foundation for the upcoming day. Therefore, it is important to allocate time to something pleasant that makes you happy. If you decide to devote your time to making delicious coffee, you should try this recipe. It is suitable for milk admirers and those who love to experiment with ingredients. Such a drink can replace a breakfast if you don't have the desire to cook one. Make coffee the way you like. Meanwhile, grind the banana in a blender or thoughtfully mash it with a fork. Add vanilla to taste and mix everything. Next, heat 50 gr of milk, add to banana puree and heat everything slightly again. Pour coffee into the mixture, add sugar to taste, and stir up.

Viennese coffee with chocolate

If you opt for more classic options, you can try to make this one. Even though chocolate is not the mandatory ingredient, it creates incredible flavor and helps charge you with positive vibes from the very morning. Thus, make straight coffee the way you like. Chop about 15 gr of dark chocolate and combine with 5 ml of whipped cream. Heat the mixture over a pan of simmering water until smooth. Add coffee, stir up well, and heat for about 2 minutes. Pour the mixture into a preheated cup, add 15 ml of whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon and chocolate. Enjoy your morning.

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