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Coffee Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Posted on the 04 December 2014 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

Coffee Christmas Gifts for Geeks

I love coffee, if you’ve read my subscription coffee reviews that won’t be a surprise. Indeed, I even have written up individual posts for those I love most such as BrownBear, Kopi Coffee and The Coffee Roasters. And through the reviews many of you have purchased a subscription or a one-off bag, or even just used the link to get a Free Bag of Kopi Coffee. (And who can blame you, its great stuff).

In this post I want to share with you 5 great gifts that you can get a Coffee Lover this Christmas, they are Gifts for Geeks.

1. A Gift Subscription to Kopi Coffee

coffee subscription service christmas gift
I love Kopi, they keep me in coffee each and every month. Travelling around the world, coffee by coffee, is not only fun and great tasting but it’s also possibly the freshest coffee you can get in this way – even fresher than most artisan coffee shops!

At £24 for a 3 month Coffee Subscription, a gift like this is one that keeps giving beyond Christmas and into spring.

There’s also the option to buy a longer subscription for gifting, simply choose which you want, pay and then send on the personalised gift certifcate.

Not convinced it’s amazing coffee, take a read of my review of the service here.

If you’re still unsure you could also try subscribing to BrownBear, a different offering but just a nice.

2. The AeroPress Christmas Blend Bundle!

aeropress christmas gift for coffee lovers
If you know someone who really loves coffee, but you’re unsure if they would want a subscription like the one above. Why not get them this lovely christmas bundle for BrownBear Coffee.

The bundle includes an AeroPress, a portable and swift coffee maker offering smooth juicy coffee each and every time – it’s what I brew with for my regular coffees, I swear by it. The second part of the bundle is a Christmas Blend coffee, it’s bold flavours combined with a smokey tone make this a divine coffee over the Christmas period and a perfect gift.

The bundle costs £24.99 and would be great to be served up as two separate gifts also.

BrownBear offer some amazing coffee’s as part of their subscription service, but they also offer some great blends too – such as the original blend which I love.

You could also buy the AeroPress Coffee Maker itself from BrownBear.

3. A Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder

Whether new to fresh coffee or you’ve enjoyed a fresh ground cup for a while, getting the right grind of coffee for the perfect cup of coffee is pretty hard to do. But the Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder does a great job, this adjustable hand grinder with ceramic burrs does the job perfectly.

BrownBear offer the Hario Coffee Grinder for just £22.95 – thats cheaper than almost everywhere else!

4. A Specialised Pouring Kettle

I’ve always wanted one of these myself, its a long spouted pouring kettle, perfect for creating amazing coffees again and again – used by artisans the specialised kettle allows the brewer extra fine control over speed and position of brewing. Perfect for AeroPress’s, V60’s and other coffee makers too.

Our friends at The Coffee Factory (where you can also get subscription coffee) have a Tiamo Pouring Kettle available for only £30, a bargain!

5. The Social Coffee Kit

social coffee gift
Do you know someone who really enjoys sharing their coffee experience with others? Has friends around for coffee and biscuits?

If so, the Social Coffee Kit (cost £50) is the one for you to gift this Christmas.

The Social Coffee Kits includes: 3 x 250g bags of Pact Coffee, a love coffee mug, a coffee/tea towel and Grunwerg Six-Cup Cafetiere (with starter guide).

Psst. Don’t forget that ANY coffee subscription is an amazing gift this Christmas.

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