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Coconut Kalakand Recipe , How to Make Kalakand at Home | Nariyal Kalakand

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Coconut Kalakand RecipeThe Coconut Kalakand makes a delicious treat for the festive season!
Less than 4 days left for Diwali! Have you guys already decided on the Diwali menu?

If you are still deciding on the which sweets to prepare, then I have got just the right choice for you.

This Coconut Kalakand is not only delicious but it also looks so pretty! Isn’t it? 
How to make Kalakand at home
This Coconut Kalakand
✓ makes a beautiful dessert for Diwali
✓ is super easy to make
✓ requires only a handful of ingredients!

Making this kalakand is really easy. I make this sweet with milk and homemade paneer but you can use condensed milk instead of milk and sugar too.

To make this Coconut  Kalakand, start with curdling the milk to make fresh chena.
Oh by the way if you are confused between paneer and chena, let me clarify.Paneer Recipes
Both are one or the same thing. When milk is curdled, we get chena. It forms the base of so many Bengali sweets like kesar sondesh, paneer ki kheerAngoori Rasmalai, Rasgulla etc.
When weight is put on top of that chena and it is allowed to set, then it becomes paneer and used in several Indian recipes like paneer butter masala and kadai paneer!
Ingredients for  coconut Kalakand
 ✔️Milk - 750 ml ✔️Desiccated coconut -  1/2 cup ✔️Homemade Paneer/Cottage cheese - 1/2 cup✔️Sugar- 1/3 cup ✔️Desi ghee/ clarified butter - 1 tsp ✔️Cardamom (coarsely ground) - 1 tsp✔️Almond flakes for garnishing
Full detailed recipe here 
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Happy Cooking & Enjoy!!

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