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Cocktail (1988) Review

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Cocktail (1988) Review

A young man Brian who just left the army returns home to New York City and when struggling to find a job in business ends up working as a bartender and finds out he’s pretty good at it! But he is not happy just working in a bar he wants to own one!

After a big fall out with his friend and work colleague Doug, Brian heads over to Jamaica to make some money to pursue his dream of opening his own bar, Cocktails & Dreams. Everything seems to be going well until he falls in love, but then manages to ruin it all for a bet! He really does just seem to do the wrong thing at the wrong time, all of the time. Nothing ever really seems to go right for Brian, but can he sort things out before it’s too late?

When he heads back to New York he is once again close with Doug who is now married, but everything is not as it seems with Doug who is extremely depressed and offers Brian advice that he should never give up on his dreams and chase exactly what he wants. This then sees him trying to rekindle the romance he had with Jordan, little did he know that her father is a very rich man and therefore does not approve of his daughter being with a bartender.

As this is a film, you can probably guess that everything ends happily ever after and they end up together, which I guess I have spoilt a little but let’s face it you can see that coming straight away. I won’t spoil one small twist which will probably take you by surprise though.

I can’t make my mind up if I liked this film or not, I guess it was just one of those films that isn’t difficult to watch or anything but don’t expect loads from it. It is simple and straightforward. Possibly a typical late 80s film? Cruise is still very likeable in this role, I have to admit that he really has done so many different types of roles you must find something that you like him in.

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