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Coca Cola Selfie Bottles out of Israel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
one doesn't think soft-drink makers innovate in technology, but it seems they do. And, it comes out of Israel.
Coca Cola selfie bottles out of IsraelCoca Cola Israel has come up with a new innovative marketing campaign in which the drink is contained by a selfie bottle. When the drinker tilts the bottle 70 degrees, the bottle takes a picture of the drinker, and then uploads it to the Coca Cola social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, etc). It also comes with a USB port so you can transfer the images to your computer.
This gadget was invented for the Coca Cola Summer Love promotion.
Refinery29 says the images are automatically uploaded, while Engadget says the goal is to get users to upload the images. Engadget makes more sense, to me, as I don't see how the selfie bottle would connect to the Internet on its own and upload the images.
Stupid or not, I don't even own a selfie stick, it is innovative...
Being that the Coca Cola Summer Love event took place in July, I'd be curious to see if they were happy with the results. Did people use them? Did they upload the images? Did it create a buzz and get people buying more coca cola for this purpose?
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