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Co-Sleeping- What Do You Think?

By Umkhaloodie

Both my babies were in their own rooms by 8 months. Alooi sooner than him and both slept fine. She was in her own room at 12 weeks. There were a few nights where I stood outside their door crying as they cried themselves to sleep- be cruel to be kind. I had a ten minute rule until they were 11 months and then it became a 20 minute rule. Obviously I had the baby monitor with me so I could hear everything and the door was always kept open.
What do we all think of co- sleeping? I know of a midwife that allowed all 4 of her children sleep in her bed until their 11th Birthday…
Lately my 2 and a half year has decided that he just doesn’t like his room… Apparently because of the monsters. We have a ‘no monster’ light that stays on to keep them away. They are no longer welcome. I’d like to say it’s working but last night at 2am I wasn’t so sure.

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