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Club Girl Mannequin Rocks Polly & Crackers.

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

If ya didn’t know, ZebraDetox also runs a unique tee line, Polly & Crackers. For some reason, we own this beautiful masterpiece. She’s missing a couple fingers but that doesn’t stop her. She’s just permanently rocking the “I love you”/shocker pose. Connie is always ready to rock out, and she has a tasteless fetish for shiny booty shorts and neon hats. Are those mirror ball ear rings? Oh hell yah! I hope you enjoy this sexy “Fall style guide” while Connie wears sports her P&C tee and twirks it for the cam.
Funny Panda ShirtFunny T-ShirtsClub Girl Mannequin Rocks Polly & Crackers.Club Girl Mannequin Rocks Polly & Crackers.

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