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Clorox Company - CLX

Posted on the 07 November 2011 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan
The Clorox Company, stock ticker CLX, is an excellent stock to invest in for your retirement years. They pay a 60 cent dividend, which is currently a 3.65% dividend yield. CLX has increased their dividend each year since October 1987. There have been three 2 for 1 stock splits in Clorox's history. CLX is one of my favorite recession free stocks. In 2008 and early 2009 CLX did not really decrease in value. If you look at their five year stock chart you will see many ups and downs, however CLX has steadily increased quite nicely.
In brief, CLX is a manufacturer of consumer products. CLX manufactures their products in more than 24 countries and advertise in more than 100 countries. They produce and market Clorox bleach, Green Works (natural cleaning products), Poett and Mistolin, Fresh Step and Scoop Away (cat litter), Kingsford (charcoal), Hidden Valley and K C Masterpiece (dressings and sauces), Brita water-filtration systems, Glad bags, wraps and containers, and Burt’s Bees (natural personal care products). Clorox is the leader in their market sector. They seem to show steady profits while increasing their bottom line sales. CLX's dividend yield should support the stock price even if the markets continue to plummet or fluctuate.
Clorox is everywhere. As previously stated, they weathered the market crash of 2008. CLX's products are self-sustaining and garner significant brand loyalty. They have a strong potential for price appreciation based only on a return to normal PE levels. They are positioning themselves nicely to be a major force in the Green market. Their marketing campaign are strong for all products.
In closing, Clorox is a stable, easy business to figure out. I suggest buying on dips and continue to build a position in CLX. They are no joke. Click here to visit Clorox's company website, as well as here to view their Investor Relations page. Until next time, reinvest those dividends and purchase all dividend paying stocks within a Roth IRA.

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