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Clogs and Tulips Gets the Versitile Blogger Award

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
Clogs and Tulips gets the Versitile Blogger AwardAbout a million years ago (April 17, 2011 to be exact) I was awarded the Versitile Blogger Award by Judith van Praag at Hopefilled Jars.
To me, Clogs and Tulips is a pretty straight-forward blog about one topic -- the Netherlands. So the fact that I was handed this award came as a bit of a surprise.
Perhaps it's because I have a total of four blogs that cover a wide range of topics (crafting, teaching/performing, writing, and expats in the Netherlands). Or perhaps it's because Clogs and Tulips covers an array of topics under the Netherlands umbrella.
Either way, I am flattered and grateful to be awarded by a fellow blogger that I hold in such high esteem.
It is my pleasure to extend the award to the following Versitile Bloggers: Linda Janssen, Alison Netsel, Amanda van Mulligen, Isabella, and MissNeriss.
In order to officially accept the award, I have to list seven things about me that you, the reader, do not already know. But, this blog isn't about me, so I'll spare you the self-indulgance.
Instead, I thought it might be fun to share seven things about the blog that you, the reader, do not already know. So, here we go...
  1. The most oft-searched keyword that brings people to this blog is "cloggs and tuilips." 
  2. To date, the most popular post of all time on the blog is A Safer Utrecht.
  3. The logo you see on the top of the page is the third since the blog began in September 2009. I made it myself using PowerPoint and Photobucket.com.
  4. Viewers have come to the blog from some pretty unexpected places: Slovenia, Iran, Ukraine, Thailand, and Hungary.
  5. My biggest influences for this blog have been A Touch of Dutch and A Letter From the Netherlands. They are actually the reasons I started the blog to begin with.
  6. At 27 comments, Inburgering: The Randoms has the most comments of any post on the blog.
  7. Because of the blog, the feedback it has gotten, the accolades it has received and the comfort that writing it brings me, I am seriously considering writing a book about my experiences in the Netherlands. Would you read it?

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