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Cloggie Queries: Work and Vaccinations in the Netherlands

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
Welcome to Cloggie Queries! In this new feature, I will be taking questions on expatriatism, the Netherlands, and expatriating to the Netherlands. Got a question? Email it to me at [email protected] and I will answer it here on the blog.

Dear Cloggie Queries, Cloggie Queries: Work and Vaccinations in the Netherlands

We are planning to get transferred to Ireland thru my husband's company and then find a way to get jobs in the Netherlands to finally end up there. What is the likelihood of an American computer programmer and event planner getting work? We also have a 3 yr old and a newborn. Oh! And do you know if kids vaccinations are the same?


A Hopeful Nederlander

Dear A Hopeful Nederlander,
Thanks for your question!
In answer to the first one: Without being able to speak Dutch, you are unlikely to find something. Your chances might be a bit higher in a place like Amsterdam, but I know many event planners who had to change careers or learn Dutch fast because they had such a hard time getting hired.
Computer programmers might be different because the world in general is seeing a shortage of IT specialists. But either way, I would definitely start learning the language as soon as possible.
As for vaccinations for children, I do not think they are the same, but as I don't have children, I'm just going by hearsay and what I know from my Dutch and expat friends with kids.
If you would like to have your children vaccinated for something that's not typically done in the Netherlands (remember: different country means some diseases don't exist while others might be completely new to you), simply ask your healthcare provider.
They are, in general, pretty flexible here in the Netherlands, but be prepared to pay for vaccinations not typically given in this country out of pocket as your insurance will be unlikely to cover it.
That said, I've heard from Dutch and expats alike that the Netherlands is one of the best places to raise children.
Unfortunately, I am no expert in either area, so you may find that things will be different for you. My recommendation would be to find an expat group to join where you'll meet people in the same position you are in who can give tips and advice.
I would also purchase a copy of the most recent edition of The Holland Handbook. That book alone should be able to answer any questions you might have. Best of luck!
Cloggie Queries
Do you have any tips you'd like to share on finding work and children's vaccinations in the Netherlands?

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