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Cloggie Queries: IVF in Amsterdam

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
Cloggie Queries: IVF in Amsterdam Cloggie Queries: IVF in Amsterdam Welcome to Cloggie Queries! In this new feature, I will be taking questions on expatriatism, the Netherlands, and expatriating to the Netherlands. Got a question? Email it to me at [email protected] and I will answer it here on the blog.
Cloggie Queries: IVF in AmsterdamDear Cloggie Queries,
Do you know of any expats that have gone through IVF in Amsterdam? I will probably try a cycle once we move and wondered what others experiences were.
A Someday Mamma
Dear A Someday Mamma,
I personally don't know of any expats who have gone through IVF in Amsterdam, specifically.
What I did discover during my first 16 months of pregnancy that may be of some help to you is a group called Moeders voor Moeders. They collect the hCG hormone prevelant in the urine and blood stream of pregnant women to be used to create the drug pregnyl. The drug is often used as a last resort before IVF and has resulted in a number of successful, healthy pregnancies. You may want to talk to your doctor and see if this might be an option for you.
As for your original question, I'm going to open the floor to any ladies who read the blog or frequent the Facebook page and see what information I can find for you. Best of luck!
Cloggie Queries
Have you had any experience with IVF in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the Netherlands? Care to share your experiences? If you'd like to help but don't wish to do so on the blog or Facebook page, you can email feedback to me at [email protected] and I will be sure to pass the information along.
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