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Cloggie Queries: Dutch Specialty Shops

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
Welcome to Cloggie Queries! In this new feature, I will be taking questions on expatriatism, the Netherlands, and expatriating to the Netherlands. Got a question? Email it to me at [email protected] and I will answer it here on the blog. 
Cloggie Queries: Dutch specialty shopsDear Cloggie Queries,
I found your blog the other day and am so excited to learn about your experience there! I was born in Heerlen while my dad was stationed in Germany with the US Army. So I'm an American. As I've gotten older, I would like to learn more about where I was born and the culture of the Dutch people and your blog is awesome at doing that! Are there any Dutch shops online that will mail to the US? I would love to decorate my bedroom with Dutch things to remember that part of my life.
Born in Dutchland

Dear Born in Dutchland,
Thanks for your question and your kind words. I'm glad you've been able to find out about your birth country through the blog.
There are tons of online shops that sell Dutch goods and deliver all over the world.
If you're after Dutch foods, here are some great shops:
Typical Dutch Stuff
Holland Food Supplies
I Love Stroopwafels
Holland for You
For Dutch paraphernalia, these shops are excellent:
Typical Dutch Stuff
Dutch Gifts
Dutch Heritage
Holland Clogs
Holland Product House
Hope that helps!
Cloggie Queries
Are there any shops I missed? Add them in the comments!
Photo: bfick, Flickr

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By Yummy Dutch
posted on 06 October at 11:33
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Another great webshop with typical Dutch products is http://www.yummydutch.com/ They have all the good Dutch stuff such as stroopwafels, black licorice, poffertjes and much more!