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Cloggie Queries: Americans in the Netherlands and Learning Dutch

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
Welcome to Cloggie Queries! In this new feature, I will be taking questions on expatriatism, the Netherlands, and expatriating to the Netherlands. Got a question? Email it to me at [email protected] and I will answer it here on the blog.

Dear Cloggie Queries, Cloggie Queries: Americans in the Netherlands and learning Dutch
After "accidently" running into your Dutch blog while searching for good hair salon's to visit in the Netherlands, I simply cannot stop reading your posts! I am studying in Nijmegen, as my boyfriend is Dutch. We met at The University of Tennessee while he was an exchange student and two years later... here we are with the roles reversed! Since the US job market isn't quite flourishing right now, we both think the Netherlands is the best country to work/live in the coming year.
I noticed from a blog post that you were just as clueless in the Dutch language at one point as I currently am. Did you go to a special language institute to learn Dutch or was your husband helpful in teaching it to you? I feel so blessed to finally come across another person whose heart was stolen by a Dutchie because I've felt pretty alone in this process of culture/language differences with the local people, etc. Thankfully most of the Dutch know English, but I don't think a country would feel quite like home unless you could properly converse in their native language.
Thank you so much for your posts, they are so hilariously true of the Dutch and being in a relationship with one. I couldn't relate more with them!
Best regards,
Lonely in Nijmegen

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What are your preferred methods for learning Dutch? Did you ever feel like you were an outcast or the only one of your kind? How did you overcome that feeling?

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