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Climate Change: UN Backs Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Climate change: UN backs fossil fuel divestment campaign

Framework convention on climate change says it shares aim for strong deal on fighting global warming at Paris summit The UN organisation in charge of global climate change negotiations is backing the fast-growing campaign persuading investors to…

“Everything we do is based on science and the science is pretty clear that we need a world with a lot less fossil fuels,” Nuttall told the Guardian. “We have lent our own moral authority as the UN to those groups or organisations who are divesting. We are saying ‘we support your aims and ambitions because they are fairly and squarely our ambition’, which is to get a good deal in Paris.”


GR:  Divestment is  a direct means to slow corporate investment in fossil fuels.  Moreover, it can be applied to other powerful industries that place profits above nature:  Chemical, finance, insurance, arms.

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By Sam Williams
posted on 18 March at 10:47

Interesting article! It's good to see UN is realising the effects of fossil fuels