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Climate Change and Natural Disasters #CauseAChatter #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

If we still think all is well as far as CLIMATE CHANGE is concerned, then we are fooling ourselves. Look at the series of severe disasters across the globe. Then think twice to satisfy yourself that everything is okay and no initiative is required from each of the living soul in this planet. Let's go back a little, in 2021, mid, had seen disastrous Canadian heatwave in June end. Then, the forest fires in Oregon. Soon after, there were heavy floods in various parts of Europe, especially, Belgium, and Germany. After that, it was extremely heavy rainfall in Henan, China that caused heavy flooding there resulting in serious damages of human life and otherwise. Is this all normal? Of course, there used to be forest fires, floods, landslides, extreme rains, and droughts; but never to such an extent and not so widespread.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters #CauseAChatter #ClimateChange #GlobalWarmingPhoto credit: Howard J Duncan on

If damages are happening because of such disasters in those countries that are well developed and will advanced, like Europe, and northern parts of the globe, then it clearly indicates that despite those places having sufficient infrastructure to handle heavy rainfall, then it clearly means that these disasters are happening beyond their preparedness and expectations. We seriously need to learn from these indications of nature and step up to stop misusing and insulting nature and natural resources. It's really a shame on us humans. Of course, the flooding in Germany and Belgium in the first half of July, shook the whole world. These are clearly nature's damaging acts against our actions of damaging the planet beyond limits.

The flooding has happened even in those parts of the world, to its severest, where it was least expected. This is Mother Nature's anger. Though, there used to be disasters earlier too but CLIMATE CHANGE has made them worse and extremely damaging. Especially, since the beginning of 21st century we are facing dire consequences as a result of continuous exploitation of our planet's resources. NASA had declared 2020 as the hottest year ever. The more is the rise in temperature of our earth, the more severe consequences we have to face. If just a one-degree rise in temperature can result in upto 7% increase in the severity of rainfall, then what is going to happen if the average global land and ocean temperature rises above 1-degree.

Currently, earth's temperature is rising at a pace double than what it used to be a century ago. A recent research by Professor Hayley Fowler, School of Engineering, Newcastle University, the earth's poles temperature is rising at 2-3 times the rate of the equator. That is surely going to disturb the balance be weakening the jet stream of Europe because it lies over the middle of latitudes. This results in frequent storms over that part of the world. On one hand we are encountering floods and heavy rainfall due to CLIMATE CHANGE. On the other hand, it's intensifying heatwave in Canada and North America. A team of researchers told in the BBC news that such deadly heatwave was a kind of unimaginable incident in these places.

Even the scientists and researches taking place across the globe accept that such extreme incidents are becoming more common because of GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE resulting in world heating up at a faster pace. For the first time, village of Lytton in British Columbia recorded near to 50-degree that never went above 45 degree centigrade. Since the temperature is soaring, it's resulting in severe forest fires like the one in Oregon, Washington recently, or that happened in the west coast of the United States.

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