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Clever Not Smug

By Richardl @richardlittleda

Good advertising

I have just watched an advert for a Christian conference which made me want to cringe. I am unable to embed it here, but you can watch it for yourself by clicking here if you want. I am sure it is meant to be funny in a knowing, post-modern ironic kind of a way. To be honest, though, I just found it silly…and a little insulting.  If ‘smashing idols’ is a serious business, then does it not deserve a serious treatment? A video with what appears to be a clown sits uncomfortably with Old Testament descriptions of the fool, I feel.

Meanwhile, I have stumbled upon the street advertisement for homeless charity DePaul pictured below. It is is elegant, simple, and thought-provoking. Christian communication should aim for all those things, don’t you think?

Clever not smug


What is it the Bible says about being as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves? I know which of these adverts I see as being the wiser. Oh, and talking of doves...

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