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Clever Hans

By Itellyouastory

The mother of Hans said: «Whither away, Hans?» Hans answered: «ToGretel.» «Behave well, Hans.»  «Oh, I’ll behave  well. Goodbye, mother.’«Goodbye, Hans.» Hans comes to Gretel. «Good day, Gretel.» «Good day,Hans. What  do you bring that is good?» «I bring nothing, I want to havesomething  given me.» Gretel presents  Hans with  a needle, Hans  says:«Goodbye,  Gretel.» «Goodbye, Hans.»

Hans takes the  needle, sticks it  into a hay-cart,  and follows thecart home. «Good evening, mother.» «Good  evening, Hans. Where have youbeen?» «With Gretel.» «What did you take her?» «Took nothing; hadsomething given me.» «What did Gretel give you?» «Gave me a needle.’«Where is the needle, Hans?» «Stuck in the hay-cart.» «That was illdone, Hans. You should  have stuck the needle in your sleeve.» «Nevermind, I’ll do better next time.»


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