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Clever Gretel

By Itellyouastory

There was once a  cook named Gretel,  who wore shoes  with red heels,and when she walked out with  them on, she turned  herself this way andthat, was quite happy and thought: «You  certainly are a pretty girl!’And  when she came home she drank, in her gladness of heart, a draughtof wine,  and as wine excites a desire to eat,  she tasted the best ofwhatever she  was cooking until she was  satisfied, and said: «The  cookmust know what  the food is like.»

It came to pass that the master one  day said to her: «Gretel, there isa guest coming this evening;  prepare me two fowls  very daintily.» «Iwill see to it, master,» answered Gretel.  She killed two fowls, scaldedthem, plucked them, put them  on the spit, and  towards evening set thembefore the fire, that they might roast. The  fowls began to turn brown,and  were nearly ready, but the guest had not yet arrived. Then Gretelcalled out to her master: «If the guest does not  come, I must take thefowls away  from the fire, but  it will be  a sin  and a shame  if theyare  not eaten  the moment they are at their juiciest.»  The mastersaid: «I will run  myself, and fetch the guest.» When the master hadturned his back, Gretel laid the spit with the fowls  on one side,  andthought: «Standing  so long by  the fire there, makes one  sweat andthirsty; who  knows when they will  come? Meanwhile, I will run intothe cellar, and take  a drink.» She ran  down, set a jug, said: «Godbless it for you, Gretel,»  and took a good  drink, and thought thatwine should flow  on, and should not be interrupted,  and took yetanother hearty draft.


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