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Cleave and Leave The Wedding Day

By Innstilettos
Cleave and Leave The Wedding Day
I was an innocent bystander.  It was a lovely Sunday morning when I walked into my church, Central Baptist in Ewing, New Jersey.  The music played and we sang and praised God.  After about fifteen minutes, the music quieted and our beloved Pastor Gay walked on stage to preach.  Today's service- "Cleave and Leave."  Interesting... I thought with no idea what that really meant...  But I was about to find out.
Cleave and Leave The Wedding Day
For those of you just stumbling onto this blog, my daughter is getting married as the title suggests.  This is my little girl who somehow in a blink of an eye grew into this beautiful young woman.  This is my little girl who I will have to let go of on June 8th and embrace the woman she has become.  I'll be honest... the thought terrifies me.
I guess it would be easier to justify my feelings by saying she is just not ready or that she barely knows him.  Neither would be accurate as John and Danielle are very much in love and have been for the past five plus years.  No...the problem is me.  I'm cleaving because she's leaving.
Cleave and Leave The Wedding Day
Don't get me wrong. There are days I secretly revisit how many days there will be until her hair is not all over the shower or when the toilet paper roll will not be empty in the bathroom we share.  And there are even more days when I wonder what it will be like when I don't see her pretty face everyday or hear her voice in the house. 
Somehow this almost seems like a bad trick of nature.  You bring this bundle of joy home and care and love her beyond anything you have ever imagined.  Suddenly, you are more concerned for their care and happiness than your own.  You worry... you cry...because this is your little girl.  And now, she is leaving on her own journey.  This is what you have been preparing her for and yet it seems like a bad twist of fate.
But it really isn't.  All I have ever wanted was for my daughter to be happy.  And she is.... I would have done anything and everything to make her smile and be happy, but I could never give her that sparkle that she gets when John is in the room with her.  How could I not love this man she has chosen to marry.  He has given my daughter my biggest wish...happiness.
Cleaving and leaving goes much deeper into explanation than is necessary for this blog.  My agenda was really to speak to all the mothers out there.  Don't cleave and let her leave.  While your daughter is venturing out into her new life, you have an opportunity to have a new life as well.  Embrace it.
Long and short...keep your prayers daily, your heart filled and your mouth shut.  And just remember...your memories are yours forever.
Cleave and Leave The Wedding DayWho knew there could be some much knowledge in a Starbuck's coffee cup?
Deborah Stilettos

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