CLEAROUT: A Guide to Selling Your Stuff Online

Posted on the 02 May 2014 by Holliegalloway @holliegalloway

I’m currently in the midst of trying to part with everything I own so I’m gonna cover a few ways to sell your stuff that I’ve tried or looked into so far.


CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

As you may know, I sell a lot on eBay. I like to have a clearout and stick everything on there in the hopes of making some quick cash. I’m a hoarder so there’s literally always something I can be selling and no matter how much I sell I never seem to have less stuff, never did figure that one out…

Anyway, I recently did my biggest ever sale on eBay, listing 48 things, 31 of which have sold. Thanks to anyone who took a look or purchased anything after seeing it here on the blog by the way.

eBay is good because it reaches a huge audience, people can just type a random key word in and be shown endless items that people have described that way. It’s an excellent place to pick up bargains and I’ve always been a fan of shopping there as well as using it as a selling platform.

Something really bugged me about the process this time though. I know eBay takes a cut, but I only just discovered it also takes a cut of the postage cost. They take 10% of the final total you receive, not the actual amount of the product. Now that doesn’t make sense to me at all, because the postage still costs that (unless you marked it up) and you’ve still got to pay that out, it really annoyed me to discover they do that. Annoyingly I also under priced a couple of items postage this time too thinking they could be packed smaller. Anyway, eBay was always my go to selling place but I’m shopping around now for other options.


CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

A lot of bloggers have been getting involved with Depop lately so I thought I’d give that whirl too. Having a few items already photographed that didn’t sell on eBay I decided to stick them on here and see how it went. I got a few followers quite quickly and followed people I knew and listed a few items. I got a couple of likes but I couldn’t see that anyone was interested in my items really, I’m not sure how long this process could take or how people manage to see your products really. I just don’t find it as fluid as other selling sites. I did get some messages about one of my items but I found this person to be VERY aggressive and I didn’t understand why they didn’t just click buy and go through the process, they made it terribly difficult and I just gave up on it.

ASOS Marketplace

CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

This is next on my list for places to sell clothes. I have friends who have had quite good success on here and much prefer it to eBay so I’m more than happy to give it a whirl. They don’t seem to take a big cut either and it’s quite a cute format. I’m not sure how popular it is though, I’ve not even really browsed the marketplace much before, (although I think I actually bought a watch on there once upon a time…). Do any of you look at ASOS Marketplace? Have you ever bought anything from there?

Amazon Marketplace

CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m going to this weekend. The thing that gets me about Amazon is people will only find your stuff if they search for that specifically, and you can’t fill the title with key words and stuff so I don’t know how effective it’ll be as an option, but I’m willing to give it a go. I have a selection of camera equipment to sell so Amazon is potentially a good platform for that, although it’s not particularly new models of everything so who knows how long it’d take anyone to find it…

Music Magpie / CEX

CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

I also have a pile of DVDs I want rid of but I’m struggling to find the most cost effective method of parting with those. Music Magpie is a really easy to use system with it’s app that you simply scan the barcodes of your DVDs and it pops up a price they will give you for them. Unfortunately it pays really really poorly and barely seems worth it. There were a few random discs that were worth a few pounds that I didn’t really know why, and the rest were around the 24p mark. CEX has a similar system where you input your DVD titles into their website, but the prices are similarly poor. I’m wondering whether to just bite the bullet on this one and take whatever I can get or if there’s a better way… Any ideas?


CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

I have purchased from Gumtree before but not sold yet, I’m thinking about putting some fitness equipment on here though. It seems to be a good place for local selling where the buyer can pick up or come and view the item. Of course this also invites potentially strange characters to your house… I guess it’s just like selling in the paper, classified ads only it’s free.

Does anyone sell through their blog or social media? I’ve seen a couple of people doing that before, if so, has it been successful for you?

I might do an update to this post in the future when I’ve further tested all these methods and let you know how it goes. Hopefully I can get rid of everything and make a tidy profit in the process!

CLEAROUT: A guide to selling your stuff online

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