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Cleaning Your Facebook News Feed

Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Ever since my novel Dream’s Sake was published, and I become a Samsung Mobiler, the size of my friend’s list on Facebook is ever increasing. It is another matter, however, that most of the ‘friends’ that now form the part of my friend list are quite unknown to me. And as I have no patience to scroll through the entire feed of the day, the updates from people I don’t know often crowd out the updates of people I do know and want to stay in touch with.

So today I spent two hours in cleaning my Facebook News Feed and making it to show content from only those people whom I’m really interested in. Yeah, it was time consuming, but the fault was mine. I should have chosen the appropriate setting while accepting all those friend requests. All I needed to do was to hover my mouse pointer over ‘Friends’ button and unselect ‘Show in News Feed.’ The ‘Friends’ button is the one that gives options to add the contact to an appropriate list, or to Unfriend.

But, fortunately, I could do that even now. All I had to do was open up my friend list and one by one hover my mouse pointer over the connections I didn’t know and hide their activity from my News Feed. Hovering over their name opened up a small window showing their profile details. It also had the ‘Friends’ button that I needed to to click to reach the ‘Show in News Feed’ option.

It was a long and boring process. But my News Feed looks much more cleaner and peaceful now, and I now see content only from the people that I really know and want to interact with.

You may have several connection too whom you can’t ‘unfriend’ but whose posts you’d rather not see. Now you can choose to ignore their feeds, without having to unfriend them. Just unselect the option of ‘Show in News Feed’ and make your News Feed more relevant and less cluttered.

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