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Cleaning and Guest Services Company

Posted on the 21 August 2019 by Shorttermrental @HomeRentalExp
Cleaning and Guest Services CompanyCleaning Guest Services Company.

Wouldn’t you rather sit back and relax while the cleaning and guest services company takes over the tidying up of your vacation rental space between bookings?

Maintenance and cleanliness often present itself as the biggest nut to crack for Airbnb hosts.

A five-star review can therefore be gotten from a high-level and well automated cleaning schedule. Surprisingly, several Airbnb hosts lack the resources and time to provide this.

On the other hand, the surest and the quickest way out of this dilemma is to engage the cleaning and guest services company.

The cleanliness of the Airbnb property must be taken seriously. This is one of the major requirements of Airbnb that hosts must meet.

Hosts with consistent low cleanliness scores are at the risk of been penalized by Airbnb. In other to take the load of cleaning off you, there are many ways to automate the Airbnb space cleaning.

As a host, maintaining the cleanliness of your apartment is only one part of your responsibilities.

Every guest expects to meet a 100% clean and perfect environment. So, if your guest’s expectation is not in tandem with the reality on the ground. Guests are likely to talk about it in their reviews and it will hurt your business.

Engaging the cleaning and guest services company will save you stress, thereby, making you focus your energy on further areas of Airbnb hosting like marketing your Airbnb rental, bookings, connecting with your guests, just to mention a few.

Advantages of Cleaning and Guest Services Company.

  1. It takes the stress off you thereby allowing you focus on other important areas of the Airbnb listing.
  2. You are guaranteed a 100% sparkling clean apartment by hiring this company. This you are sure of after going through their recommendations and reviews.
  3. They have better equipment and can handle any type of cleaning. For example, short notice jobs or emergency engagement especially if your recent guests were messier.
  4. The cleanings are promptly delivered, and more efficiently. There are more hands on the ground to handle the assignments.
  5. Finally, these cleaning and guest services company are under an insurance plan and company policies which protects them in case of accidents or mishap while working within your property.

Disadvantages of Cleaning and Guest Services Company.

  1. It is usually expensive. This often reflects in your price which may cause some price-sensitive guests to run away.
  2. Having to deal with a company means you may not have the same hands having to clean your apartment every time. So, you will have to train a different team on how to handle stuff. Surely, you will end up doing the job yourself.

What you need to do:

  • Engage a professional cleaning and guest services company between bookings.

The assignments of the company will include the following; taking out the trash, to sweep and mop the floors, cleaning and draining of the dishes, making the beds, scrubbing the toilet, bathroom, and shower, vacuuming of the rugs and carpets, report low inventory, and finally, check out for damages.

So, the guest has got to have a feeling of home away from home.

  • Be responsive to any damage.

Dealing with damages is part of your job as a host. Pay attention to damages. This could become worse and might lead to negative reviews.

The cleaning company should snap a picture or do a short video highlighting all the rooms in case anything is missed out

  • Keep an inventory of toiletries and supplies.

The cleaning company must do a quick inspection of toiletries and supplies from time-to-time.

This therefore, helps the host to replenish before the next guest checks in. for example, a guest without a toilet paper won’t be a happy guest.

Therefore, you must be proactive about your guest’s satisfaction.

  • Do a routine thorough cleaning schedule.

The regular cleaning of your Airbnb apartment between guests check out ensure your apartment is clean and tidy. On the other hand, you must schedule a routine thorough cleaning of your property.

The company you are engaging must be able to do an in-depth cleaning exercise in addition to their usual cleaning.

So, areas to focus include; closet corners, cleaning inside the cabinet, cleaning inside ovens and fridges, bathroom cleaning.


In conclusion, the cleanliness of your apartment is paramount so long as you want to remain in business. You must do a proper analysis of the options available to you. If you are considering renting out one of your properties for short term rental for the first time. If that is the case and you would like so see the impact that the adoption of a cleaning company will have in your income. You can check my personal income calculator formula

Check out the cleaning and guest Services Company around you. It is strongly advisable to consider hiring outside help to take care of the cleaning.

This will help get the safest, surest, and quickest cleaning result. Interestingly, there will be loads of good reviews for you.

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