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Clean and Serene - a Look at Minimalist Design

By Decorology @decorology_blog
Minimalism is a popular concept that has been employed for many interior designers over the decades, including very famous ones like Jean-Michel Frank. Minimalism is a design concept inspired by famous artists such as Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Agnes Martin and Frank Stella and it has drawn its inspiration from cultural sources such as the simplicity of Japanese traditional home designs and Zen Philosophy.
I don't tend to feature minimalist spaces too often, because it's not a life style that I think I could live.  However, whenever I do a clean sweep of my apartment, which I just did this weekend, all of the bare surfaces and perfectly straightened books inspires me to try and keep it up.
The basics of minimalism is unadorned and essentials only. Of course, there is a fine line where minimalism crosses over into cold and institutional. If minimalism is something you'd like to dabble in, here are a few principles to help you attain the minimalist loft of your dreams: 
Minimalism is neutral
Think neutral and block colours. Pristine white, light grey, clean taupe, make sure to draw inspiration from fresh, clean color palettes.
Clean and serene - a look at minimalist design
Minimalism is bare
Minimalism means adorning your loft, but still giving it room to breathe. A good place to start is with the walls. Keep them simple and clean. Windows should be free of complicated draperies. There are so many options to keep your space private yet exposed. Look at using blinds by Velux,  and maybe try playing with clean shutters and very light curtains.
Clean and serene - a look at minimalist design
Clean and serene - a look at minimalist design
Minimalism is personal
A touch of personality brings your minimalist loft to life. You have wooden crates in the cellar? Clean them up and stack them together to create side tables. Whether you get creative or opt for the creativity of others via home furnishing brands and stores, choose pieces that are streamlined and geometric, clean and straight, smooth and curved.
Clean and serene - a look at minimalist design

Minimalism is light
And not just in terms of color. Minimalist living spaces play of the lightness of its pieces and surroundings. Furniture should be light and low, no bulk or bulge. Rooms should make the best of natural light, again with the use of things like Velux window blinds, and knowing how to play with reflective surfaces can add space to any room.
Clean and serene - a look at minimalist design
Minimalism is inspirational
Finally, in order to achieve your dream of minimalist loft, you will need to know where to look for inspiration:
• Start by doing your research. What pieces do you have in mind to help create the ideal minimalist look for your loft? What feel do you want? Get some ideas on Pinterest and get some light inspiration.
• After gathering ideas of what you want for your home, visit stores like Ikea and Dwell for a selection of minimalist furniture pieces.
 • For windows, look to brands such Velux for great ideas on what kind of windows, solar thermal installations and blinds you might want for your loft.
 • If you want exquisite lights and light fixtures, look to brands such as Artemide and Boffi, and websites such as
Clean and serene - a look at minimalist design
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