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Citrus Lane

By Bgme @babygearmom

When you have a baby, the needs evolve as quickly as they grow.  Before you know it, they’re in the next stage of development, learning and messiness.  So what do you give your fave baby bundle as they mature?  Citrus Lane is one interesting idea.

Think of it like a wine of the month club – but for baby products! Each month, with this subscription based service, you get a box full of baby gear (up to 5 items worth upwards of $50) with age appropriate products for babies from infants to about 18 months. What’s more, each product is recommended by other parents!

Who doesn’t like to receive new goodies in the mail? Very cool baby shower gift idea! There are several themes available including, shower, feeding, bedtime, travel and more. You can commit for 3, 6 or 12 months.   You can pay: $25 monthly, $125 for 6 months or $250 for a year. Learn more at

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