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Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary
Orange and Lemon Zest are combined in this Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter
and makes the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast table.

Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter

When I first published this post several years ago, I had no idea how much I would come to really love this book. It had been a tough assignment for sure; reviewing a book all about compound butters. First there was the huge effort of deciding sweet or savory...that was almost unfair so I decided to try both before making a decision. One savory version using caramelized onions was terrific but in this butter competition to win 1st place in my heart, I must admit that the sweet version won first prize; we just LOVED this combination of butter, vanilla bean and citrus zest...and so did our English muffins!

Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter
That has not changed; I make this all the time and thought it high time to update photos and share again. Lucy Vaserfirer has crafted ' Citrus Vanilla Bean Butter
Flavored%20Butters:%20How%20to%20Make%20Them,%20Shape%20Them,%20and%20Use%20Them%20as%20Spreads,%20Toppings,%20and%20Sauces%20(50%20Series)Flavored Butters,' a simple book with outstanding combinations of one of my very favorite things. Butter. All butter. Butters with fruit, with caviar, with vegetables and with spices. Butter, butter, butter. And more butter! Her blog at is also filled with her recipes and techniques which focus on demystifying chef techniques for everyone.

A friend of mine was here when I originally wrote this post and she was glancing through Lucy's book. At that time we made a list of favorites but I've now had a chance to try all of them and more including Coffee Butter (butter, turbinado sugar and dry espresso), Gorgonzola Chive Butter, and Lemon, Parsley and Caper Brown Butter. So far...not one we didn't love!

Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter

This particular butter is fantastic; creamy sweet butter is combined with vanilla bean and is brightened with both orange and lemon zest for the perfect morning treat. While I know I would love it on some cranberry scones or simple crepes; a more typical morning for me would have me slathering it on English muffins straight from the toaster (or even better, this English muffin bread). It elevates such a simple morning staple into something much more special and I just know that friends and family will love it too. It's easy. You must get Citrus Vanilla Bean Butter

Flavored%20Butters:%20How%20to%20Make%20Them,%20Shape%20Them,%20and%20Use%20Them%20as%20Spreads,%20Toppings,%20and%20Sauces%20(50%20Series)this book and make some of your own!

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Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter

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Citrus and Vanilla Bean Butter

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