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Cities Of Mars – Celestial Mistress EP

Posted on the 30 May 2016 by Ripplemusic
Cities Of Mars – Celestial Mistress EP
This trio first made themselves heard last year when they released two tracks digitally called ”Cyclopean Ritual” and “The Third Eye”. The presentation was impressive. This was the first taste of an album which should tell the story of the Martian city of Bahb-Elon founded in 9125 BC until 1971 when a stranded agent of the Soviet Union discovers it. You can follow the timeline on www.citiesofmars.se to see in what order to play the songs to get the correct storyline so far. Very ambitious indeed and it will be truly exciting to see how Cities Of Mars will manage to connect all the dots once they have the support of a record label (yeah I’m acting as somewhat of a PR-agent here…) and can fulfill the vision both musically and visually. The potential is enormous. Soundwise Monolords god of thunder Esben Willems has really managed to capture the unique sound of Cities Of Mars in his Berserk Audio studio. It’s raw and dirty but still with enough warmth and fuzziness that makes the room shake and beer glasses break when you turn up the volume. Because this is music designed to be played loud. 
Cities Of Mars – Celestial Mistress EPMusically Cities Of Mars has managed to blend lots of cool influences in the mix. There is the obvious strain of doom present of course. But having two singers who have a nice hardcore feeling to their vocals makes the doom and fuzz get a life of its own. A nice variation of a genre that sometimes gets stuck in old habits. 
But there is more to the music but heavy riffs and catchy choruses. There are many parts where the psychedelia kicks in with ambient sections where we float away in the vast space. Cities Of Mars uses this in a very smart way to create a great dynamic in their music. And it gives an extra heavy effect in songs like “Beneath A Burning Sun” and the mammoth title track when the mighty riffs crack the Martian sky. 
-The Void
Live at the Wizard Of Fuzz Festival 2015

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