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Circumcision at Birth?

By Newsanchormom

Circumcision at birth?
We have three boys. So, the topic of circumcision obviously came up at our house. I don't know the right decision. I think it's probably fine either way. Here's what I found on the advantages/disadvantages:
This Essortment article looks at both from a medical perspective-not a mental stand-point:
According to Dr. David Hawker, Overall it is estimated that a quarter of the male population is circumcised - about 750 million males.
1. According to the old testament, it is a traditional for Christians to circumcise their newborn baby boys for cleanliness and hygiene. It is even more common in Jewish and Muslim faiths.
2. Men without foreskin are less likely to get infections around the penis. The foreskin is a warm and moist incubator under which infections can easily develop.
1. Excessive bleeding after the procedure: Out of 4,000 patients one may require a ligature, and out of 20,000 one may require a blood transfusion. 2. Infection following surgery: Statistically only 1 in 500 get infected and need antibiotics.
Here's another article on the benefits of male circumcision that talks about several things I never knew.
This WebMD article says circumcision make it less likely for men to transmit viruses like HIV, but I know I have seen other articles that say there is no proof of that.
What is your opinion? Should baby boys be circumcised?

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By Dan Bollinger
posted on 30 April at 03:14
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Parents considering infant circumcision should REALLY check out Circumcision Decision-Maker.

It takes you through each of your reasons for wanting circumcision one at a time and then gives you some expert opinion. It also has a lot of information on penis anatomy, how the foreskin develops, circumcision, and care of the intact penis including washing instructions.