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Circle of Silence - The Rise Of Resistance

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Ripplemusic
Circle of Silence - The Rise Of Resistance
 Another classic forged German metal act. Good solid crisp production and the vocals are insane. Niklas Keim is a whirlwind of vocal prowess, a storm of sonic melody.  Surrounding him are the guitarists, Tobias Pfahl  and Christian Sommerfeld. These two tear across the battlefield and deliver a crunch unlike I have ever heard before. Add to the onslaught the head banging drums of Peter Suppinger and the relentless rage of bassist, Bjorn Boehm, and you have the perfect punishment machine of metal.

"Blood Of Enemies", and "Eyes Of Anarchy" are perfect openers to this album. Both songs have a taste of what is to come. They deliver a blend of so many metal influences.

Bands like Accept, Havochate, and Iced Earth come to mind when listening.

"One Moment Of Hate" is a standout track. Great songwriting on this one. intense guitar delivery.
"An oncoming Storm" has a killer riff.

"Mind Conspiracy" reminds me of Fifth Angel or Viscous Rumors. Good song. Solid metal
   Another highlight on this masterpiece of a disc is "Reborn From Darkness". This song combines all of their power and influences into one over the top epic metal tune. Savatage influenced guitar soloing. Killer track!

 "The architect Of Immortality". Perfect. Starts off moody and mellow, then segues into an Iced Earth homage of thunderous galloping riffs. This is pure. This is epic

Circle Of Silence are the new architects of pure power metal.

10/10 horns up


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