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Circle II Circle - Full Circle The Best of

Posted on the 06 September 2012 by Ripplemusic
Circle II Circle - Full Circle The Best of
   AFM Records is releasing "A Best Of Circle II Circle" on two cds. This 32 track monument to one of hard rock/metal's most under rated act. Songs like "All That Remains", and "The Middle Of Nowhere" are classic sounding masterpieces. Make no mistake Zachary Stevens is a powerhouse vocalist. This is his band and his dream but his band is on fire during every song on this disc.
   Few could have stepped in to replace Jon Oliva from Savatage and yet that is exactly what Mr. Stevens did. His voice, dio-esque  in its quality and range, was the perfect choice for savatage's epic songwriting. That's right I compared him to Dio. I have been a fan for a long time. You have to appreciate this guys work ethic.  Even  Starting with the band Wicked Witch, "Zak" has been a workhorse vocalist, creating some of heavy metal's finest songs.
   Diving deep into this cd of hits and you begin to get a feel for what Zak envisions as a perfectly executed album. Every song is so full of power and life that it just makes you smile. This music is one of controlled passion. The vocals are a class in control and release. A tantric metal experience. Truly this is one of our metal communities great voices.
   "Dead Of Dawn", "Watching In Silence". You can't ask for a more talented composer and musical director. This band should have been bigger than it was and although they continue to perform they are just not getting the right exposure. The band he wraps around himself is first rate and powerful. Combine those great musicians with his stellar voice and you have a winning combo.  Another must have cd collection from AFM Records.
10 horns up!
1. All That Remains
2. Who Am I To Be
3. Consequence Of Power
4. Watching In Silence
5. Dead Of Dawn
6. Into The Wind
7. In This Life
8. Out Of Nowhere
9. Revelations
10. Blood Of An Angel
11. Heal You
12. Open Season
13. Echoes
14. Out Of Reach
15. Forgiven
16. Redemption
1. Every Last thing (Edit)
2. The Circle
3. Sentenced
4. Take Back Yesterday
5. The Middle Of Nowhere
6. Soul Breaker
7. Darkness Rising
8. Into The Wind (Acoustic)
9. Shadows
10. Symptoms Of Fate
11. Stay
12. Watching In Silence (Live)
13. Burden Of Truth (Acoustically Enhanced)
14. Against The World
15. Evermore (Live)
16. Strung Out

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