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Cineworld: Wristband!

Posted on the 31 July 2016 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7


Quite recently I saw something on Twitter about Cineworld doing wristbands with collectable film things to pin on them. So eventually when I went to the cinema last (to see Finding Dory) I bought one for my cousin’s little boy who is 5, he totally loved it!

At the moment they have four different choices in the things you can buy which meant it only cost £2 for the wristband already filled with the “charms” which works out the same as buying them separate at 50p each as you get a free wristband with the first one you buy.

It was a little disappointing they didn’t have anything for Finding Dory, maybe they will add that next? As I told him I would keep a look out for any new ones to add to his collection.


I decided to take some close up photos as well so you can really see the detail in each of the charms. So far we have Ghostbusters, Ice Age, The BFG and Popcorn. I am looking forward to seeing how many they add as the information on the Cineworld website says through the summer but this would be such a cool thing to keep constantly adding new ones for the different films! You can read that here!

What do you think of Cineworld’s latest (very good) idea?  

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