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Cinematic Shame

Posted on the 02 March 2013 by Teddycasimir
Cinematic Shame So, yeah, I failed to watch the necessary amount of films for February's installment of the 21 Years...21 Stars series. I watched Eastern Promises and La Vie En Rose (so only 2 films out of a necessary 8 films). Out of those 2 films, I only bothered to review one film: Eastern Promises (I can say though that La Vie En Rose is just a nice film but, much like Eastern Promises, it has a strong, central performance). The reason for this mediocrity is due to midterms, my school having early spring break (it starts next week, would you believe) and a lack of inspiration to actually blog about anything. Much of it I realize is because I prefer commenting on people's blogs rather than generating my own content. It's much funner, ok!
I think that instead of making the series a monthly thing where I have a limited amount of time to watch the featured stars' films, I'd rather make it a yearly thing where I have to watch ALL of the listed films for each star. Plus, I will then have the chance to add more stars to the list since there are several actors/actresses that could not make the cut before. I will be listing all of the films that I have to watch throughout the year from my favorite stars. Further announcements will come after spring break.
In the meantime, since I failed the series, I have to announce my biggest Cinematic Shame. 

Cinematic Shame

I HAVE NEVER SEEN A DANIEL DAY-LEWIS FILM! I don't get all the praise, I didn't want him to be the first one to win a third Oscar for Best Actor, I know diddly squat about the man. Except that he's married to Arthur Miller's daughter and is an intense method actor. But seeing his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes and at the Oscars really warmed my heart. He's a charming fella, so it is a shame that I intend on rectifying. I plan on watching There Will Be Blood in the coming week, after my snowboarding trip of course.

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