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Chunky Babies: What to Do?

By Newsanchormom

Chunky babies: What to do?
When is a baby actually eating too much and when is he/she just going through normal stages? With the huge increase in childhood obesity, some doctors are taking a closer look at an infant's weight. Will babies be put on diets? It sounds crazy to me. I know my kids all got a lot chunkier from about 6 months to one year old. I think it's because that's when they start eating table food, but they aren't running around the house yet. That's just my opinion. I hope no one ever has to put their baby on a diet.

My grandmother’s attitude — stuff food into the baby, be proud of a “good eater” — may not make sense in an environment of abundant food and rising obesity.

But it gets medically controversial, and emotionally sticky, when doctors start talking about obesity in babies. Is there an epidemic of infant obesity? Are fat babies at greater risk of turning into fat children at higher risk for medical consequences later on in life? And what can doctors advise parents about feeding a baby — which ought, after all, to be one of the basic joys of parenthood?

The answers to those questions aren’t always clear. Scientists do know that the number of obese children has been on the increase. But not the proportion of those under age 2 whose weight-for-length curve is at the 95th percentile or above — that has held pretty steady since 1999.
Perhaps more important, no one wants to see babies on diets, no one wants to see hungry babies not given food.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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