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Christmas Stocking Fillers: Smiggle

By Evette Garside @evette77

Once the main presents are bought it's time to buy those smaller/stocking filler gifts. The extra little additions which can include just about anything.

Most kids love stationery items, and kids at high school will be in need of extra stationery bits once the new school term begins in January. Smiggle have lots of new funky pieces for those Xmas stockings.

Christmas stocking fillers: Smiggle

Record me watches work like a regular watch to give the time but they also have a cool recording option which can allow the wearer to record in secret and play back.

Christmas stocking fillers: Smiggle
Ever remember doing firework pictures when younger, then covering it with black crayon and scratching bits out. They took ages but always looked so good. Smiggle have ready prepared scratch books. The pages already black, and the pack comes with a scratcher and stencil sheets.

Christmas stocking fillers: Smiggle

And some mixed stationery bits. Race away car erasers, pens with pen erasers and snap bands. Those old retro bands that snap on the wrist and wrap around.

Smiggle stationery is so cool and funky. We all love it here.

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