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Christmas Party Shootout in Missouri

Posted on the 13 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
Another example of a person who presumably believed HE was safe and appropriate to carry a gun and to use it.  Does anyone here seriously believe that any of the people we have shown here from news coverage who used a firearm to harm themselves or others fairly believed THEY shouldn't have a gun? No; because if they did believe that, they wouldn't have used the firearm.
That is why people who tell us they are safe, that they should have firearms, that they NEED firearms, that they know when it is legal and appropriate to USE firearms are clearly NOT the best judges of any of those things.  Our news media is full, daily, of examples of the worst cases of the opposite of those things being true.  It is why we have the terrible record, per our statistics of gun violence, in contrast to other free and civilized, developed countries of the world, places where those people are both free, and safe from the violence of people with guns.
And these people wonder why we don't TRUST them? Because of the daily examples that far too many of the people with guns do bad things with them, emotional things, delusional things.
Angry things.
But the pro-gunners want us to trust gun owners.
I don't, many people don't.  And the facts, the statistics on gun violence, and the occurrence of incidents like this so frequently demonstrates we should not.

Mo. officials: Ex-deputy shot ex-wife, boyfriend

By The Associated PressJEFFERSON CITY, Mo.-- Authorities in Missouri say a former sheriff's deputy is suspected of killing his ex-wife and her new boyfriend before leading officers on a high-speed chase that ended with a shootout at an upscale hotel hosting a Christmas party.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol on Sunday identified the murder victims as 32-year-old Annette Durham, of Salem, and 39-year-old Steven Strotkamp.
The suspected shooter — former Dent County Sheriff's Deputy Marvin Rice — was in fair at a Columbia hospital after being wounded in the shootout.
Rice was captured at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City, where about 500 doctors, nurses and their families had gathered for a Christmas party. Among the hotel's other guests were members of a youth hockey team. No guests were injured.

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