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Chris Bosh & His Drama

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
Chris Bosh & His Drama
I have read a few different stories in the past few days about Chris Bosh's baby mama Allison Mathis. Basically Allison was recently fired from her job and forced to apply for food stamps because her child support checks are not enough to get her by. She said she has asked Chris for help but he has not stepped up.
Ok 1st of all Allison is not going to qualify for food stamps because she gets $2,000.00 a month in child support, although that's nothing considering Chris Bosh is a millionaire it will still be too much to qualify for food stamps. Unfortunately she will find this out very soon when she gets her denial letter.
Allison says that their daughter was planned and he even paid for fertility treatments. All of that sounds wonderful but why didn't they get married? This was not a fling, they were in a very serious relationship...they should have been married before starting fertility treatments! With that being said, the fact that they were not married has nothing to do with him supporting his child. I don't think that she should be applying for food stamps to feed her daughter, and I don't think they should be in court either. They should be able to work this out on their own, no judge needed. Chris is trifling if he thinks that he shouldn't help more, at least until Allison finds another job. Chris Bosh is now married with another child, he is not obligated to financially support Allison BUT he is forever obligated to their daughter whether he has moved on and had more children or not.
Wives will always be treated better than "baby mamas" and that is 100% okay with me, but I think that all of the children should be treated equally. How can you sleep knowing that 1 of your kids might not be eating properly? Being married to a person (or not) has nothing to do with the way that you should treat your children. Obviously a dad might see 1 child less because they don't live together but the children should be treated as equally as possible when it comes to finances.
Where is Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne??? I need to speak to her!
Dear Adrienne,
Your husband has plenty of money. Be a lady and encourage that man to help Allison even if it is just temporary. That little girl is not taking any food from your plate; Allison is clearly no threat to your marriage.  Shame on you for even letting this go down.
Here are a few interesting comments about this situation from
Chris Bosh & His Drama Chris Bosh & His Drama Chris Bosh & His Drama
I hope it all works out for them. Their daughter is the only victim in this situation.

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