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Chris Bauer Hopes for Love Interest for Andy Bellefleur

Posted on the 25 June 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Chris Bauer spoke with Ology about the news True Blood season.

Chris Bauer hopes for love interest for Andy Bellefleur
Let’s talk about season 4! It’s coming up soon. What can we expect?

The things you can expect from my character in a broad way are the same things you can expect from the whole season — which are a bit deeper of an understanding of who he is, similarly, a better understanding of the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. A lot of really unpredictable story twists. And it’s hard to put into words specifically. It’s hard to put into words. I don’t know if it’s this season… I mean were four years in and there’s a real clear specific sense of these characters at this point or if they really finally gelled in a specific way, but the script seems like a much more personal experience of the characters.

I hear that we are going to meet Andy’s sister this season. Is that side of him going to come out more with that relationship?

A little bit. Yeah, it’s a little bit there and little in his relation with Jason and his relationship with his cousin, Terry. And his relationship to the town as being the sort of main authority figure. Imagine that he’s the main authority figure. I mean, there’s the mayor, but god bless him. He’s 105 years old and Andy is the next in line in terms of the authority in Bon Temps.  So his relationship to the town, his encounters with the people in situations… It’s like every season they’re all kinds of chaos and nature goes haywire and he’s right in the middle of it. That’s what I like about the character. It’s reflected all over in the show. Nature going haywire is Andy’s fundamental problem. So I like how those two things kind of reflect on each other.

will we EVER see a love interest for Andy?

Well, since were on the phone, I can’t really see if your fingers, but I definitely ask you to cross your fingers for me.

I think it’s about time.

I think so too and I think a love interest or any kind of romantic relationship is exactly what he needs. He just needs to touch somebody who’s not in the drunk tank, you know what I mean? Someone he’s not handing a ticket too and be touched by somebody. He’s so isolated and so alone, and again, that’s one of the fun things to play. He generally is the motor that maintains that isolation but he can’t help it. It’s like he knows it but he can’t help it.  How human is that?

Right. Now the show is obviously known for having steamy scenes and lots of nudity. Are you waiting for that call? Is it going to happen at some point?

Someone actually asked me that a while ago and the first thing that popped into my mind was — as much as I like to be myself, the men I work with are freaks of nature. I mean they are so unbelievable fit and God gave them these bodies that are like record-breakers. I bust my ass to stay healthy and look as good as I can. With that being said, I still think we should keep Andy in a minimum three layers. You got to do what they ask you to do on the job, but I would never make a big deal out of it because the fact of the matter is, what women have to go through on that level in my business is so much more hardcore than I would ever have to go through. So if they want me to take my clothes off and be naked for a whole episode, I would say yes.

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