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Chop 'em Down!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The following sign spotted on Emek Refaim street in Jerusalem offers a moment of irony..
Chop 'em Down!
The sign, placed on a tree that has been chopped down, warns residents of the area that if the light rail train route will be approved it will mean all these trees will be chopped down... (the sign calls for a meeting to plan the residents response)
The sign might have been better placed on a tree that was not yet chopped down, warning that these beautiful trees could be lost.
Anyways, I say chop em down. Progress. The city has done very well with design and style and I am sure that as part of the plan they will replant the trees and make the area pleasant and beautiful, as they have done in so many other parts of the city. The best part is that it will make that part of the city more accessible to more people. It will bring more business to the area and reawaken the Emek, that people have complained about in recent years, the way it did to the area of Jaffa Road and downtown Jerusalem.
and, yes, this reminded me of the Matisyahu song Chop 'em Down, from his album No Place To Be... back in the days he was still frum and it was cool to listen to his music...

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