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Choosing the Best Wedding Favors

By Weddingblog2011

Your excitement about your big day is filled with thoughts of what your wedding dress or suit will look like, reception sites, hiring the band, inviting the guests, and then you come to discover you have absolutely no idea of what to give your guests as parting gifts, or as its commonly known – wedding favors. The dilemma of choosing just the right take-home-present as a “thank you” to those who have showed up to make your wedding day special is something that should be thought through carefully. This is a way to show your gratitude, and gifts can range from something as simple as a cup of nuts or you can go with the more expensive gift like a piece of sterling silver. Whatever you decide, this should be something that is thoughtful and given with meaning.

So how does one begin picking or choosing the right wedding favors especially when you have so little time to devote to that process? There are a few questions you might want to pose to yourself before you begin. In addition to the saying “thank you” for coming, what do you hope the favor expresses? Will it be whimsy and fun? Will it showcase love and sincerity? Or elegance and distinction? Should the favor be practical and useful or merely used as a decorative piece? Does the favor have an appeal that’s universal for all the guests? Is the favor going to be homemade or purchased? Is the favor going to be perishable – something that will be enjoyed and quickly forgotten, or do you plan to make it a long-lasting one that evokes memories over the years? Would you rather give gifts that go with the wedding theme or go with gifts that signify what the couple represents?

When you feel you have answered all the questions above to your satisfaction, consider personalizing your wedding favors – one that is completely unique to the bride and groom. You may decide to go with themes that represent physical characteristics, sports, music, dance or other lifestyle passions, your love for animals, cars, or travel, your jobs or careers, or a shared hobby. Simply adding a name and the wedding date to the gifts is not the only way to personalize them. Make them stand out by having them represent who you are as a couple.

When deciding on wedding favors for your guests, always remember to keep things within a set budget. Most couples tend to put this off until the last minute and it almost always ends up becoming more of a hassle than it should be. For homemade favors, give yourself or the makers plenty of time to create them. If the items are purchased, give yourself enough time to embellish them. You can always present the gifts in beautiful, decorated, or artistic boxes or bags which are sure to be a hit with your guests. This shows them that you took the time to really think through making the favors, and they are bound to appreciate the gesture.

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