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Choosing the Best Beach Wedding Cake

By Weddingblog2011

These days, it is not uncommon for many couples to choose beaches as their wedding sites. With its reasonable cost and ease in setting up, it is the preferred way to exchange vows without breaking the bank. In addition to the great scenery and romantic connotations, a great wedding should always have good food to go with it. The centerpiece of all that is, of course, the wedding cake. So before you go walking into that expensive bakery to order something, here are some tips to help you make the best of your beach wedding cake.

If your beach wedding is going with a theme – either tropical, Caribbean, Nautical or surfer – you can have your cake designed to complement that theme. The obvious choices are to create cakes in the shapes of sea shells, flowers, boats, lighthouses or palm trees. These are definitely guaranteed to have the guests’ nods of approval.

Stick to a color theme. It might not seem that important, but it is actually something that can help to set the tone for your wedding especially if it’s going to be outdoors. Most brides tend to go with the white or traditional muted colors for their cakes, but this time around, try using more bright and playful colors. If your wedding is tropical themed, make use of tropical flowers as decorations. If you’re the surfer type, have miniature surfboards embedded in the cake. If you love music, have the cake decorator create musical notes that can be incorporated within it. Whatever you decide, remember that this is an item that should speak to what the couple represents.

Choosing the right flavor is just as important. Depending on your budget, you might decide to go for flavors like coconut, passion fruit, kiwi, mango butter cream or coconut cream frosting. Try to have a cake designed into a unique shape, and if you want ideas on what direction to take, you can always look through magazines that cater to wedding cakes or do a search online for inspiration.

While making your decision for your beach wedding cake, there are some questions you might want to ask before making your final picks. Will the cake be in or out of direct sunlight? Will it be protected from the wind, bugs or birds? When cake shopping, have the pastry chef or baker give you samples of the cake before you make your decision including suggestions on what works best. Most pastry chefs will suggest you get a cake with fondant icing since it allows the cake to hold its shape as well as being able to withstand warm weather. The wonderful quality of fondant is that it can be tinted and flavored with whatever you wish.

If you’ve done a lot of research and you’re still not sure of which cake works best for you, try speaking to friends and family who have married recently. Word-of-mouth stories are often the best resources, and can help you find the perfect bakery to produce that once-in-a-lifetime beach cake that you will never forget.

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