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Choosing Music For Your Reception – Some Things To Consider

By Weddingblog2011

One of the most memorable things on your wedding day will be when you take your first dance as Mr. and Mrs. so choosing the right music is important. Indeed, music plays a large role at any reception as it can mean the difference between a wedding that is filled with laughing dancing guests or one that has everyone sitting in their seats waiting for the day to end.

First off, there are many individual songs that are very important. Do the bride and groom have a song? If so, that should probably be the first song. Then, there is the bride father/ groom mother song. That should be something sentential that all parties can relate to. Of course, when you cut the cake. something humorous could add an air of fun to the reception. If you go with a live band, a little drumming is perfect. Some more fun songs should be played during the bouquet throw and garter toss.

As for the genre and types of music you need to consider whether you are looking for any one particular sound or do you want a lot of different ones. Some people want to go with the traditional wedding music. All of the old lovey dovey songs and the everybody dance songs such as “The Twist” and “The Chicken Dance”. Others like to stick with a theme like jazz, big band music or even rock and roll. One thing to consider however, is that your guests will be of all ages and musical tastes so you might want to include a large variety of music in order to please everyone.

Should you go for a DJ or live band? Many DJ’s will play a pre-made list that you give them. With a DJ, you can be assured that the music will be good as it is, of course, the recordings of the original artists. One the other hand, a band can be very nice too. You could get just a regular band that is familiar with songs to play at weddings or even an instrumental band. A string quartet is something good to think about if there will not be much dancing.

When deciding on how your music will be played and who or what by, keep in mind a few things. If going with a band, make sure they can play several songs that can keep everyone entertained. Also, remember that a live band or DJ can interact with everyone and can announce when it is time for each activity so you want to be sure to give them exact instructions as to what to do.

Music plays a large role on your wedding day. The right song can give you memories you will cherish forever. Go with whatever it is you want. Just remember to have everything planned out before the big day. Wedding reception music can get everyone on their feet to have a good time or just be for mingling but whatever your choice, you can be assured that music will add to the enjoyment of both you and your guests.

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