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Choosing a Pet from a Shelter by Swell Pets

By Azanimals @azanimals
If you are considering a new pet, consider choosing one from an animal shelter. This is an ethically responsible way to rehome an unwanted pet and help your local community too.

The UK is well known for its love of animals, and many homes now have more than one dog, cat, reptile or other small pets. However charities and shelters are reporting a growing number of cats and dogs being given up by their owners.

There are many reasons why people choose to rehome their pets. Relationship breakdowns, financial difficulties and simply being unable to meet the demands of a young pet in a busy home are often key causes. The strain on animal shelters means that many have to turn animals away.

So what can we do about this? Well a good start is when you are looking for a new pet, look to your local animal shelters before breeders and pet shops. Choosing to take on an unwanted pet means that space is freed up for another needy animal.

Another good reason to use a shelter is to reduce the demand on puppy farms. Far too often bitches are mistreated and bred to the point of exhaustion to produce designer puppies. If more people use shelters the less puppy farms can thrive.

Things to Consider

Ask how well the dog/cat interacts with people, including young children.

Is the animal house/litter trained? This can be a real problem for new owners as toilet training can seem an arduous task.

Does the animal get on with other animals? If a dog or cat does not like others this may cause big problems with the hierarchy in your home. Although of course time must be allowed for all animals to settle.

Most shelters now neuter, vaccinate and micro-chip animals as they come in, or will do so for a reduced fee upon adoption. Check if any of these essential things have been done, and make arrangements for them to be carries out as soon as possible. Swell Pets have an extensive range of food, beds, crates and more to make your pet’s new home even more comfortable.

Before choosing a new family pet, consider whether you have the time, patience and finances available. A new animal may need to be sleep and toilet trained, incur vet and food costs and take up a lot of time as it settles in to your family. Do a little research and planning before you take the next step.

Remember that dogs and cats can live for around 15 years, so are a real commitment for the whole family, so think about who might care for the animal whilst you are on holiday or even just at work if necessary.

If you find that you simply don’t have time for a new pet or finances are a little tight, you can still enjoy animals and help your local shelter. Many are glad of volunteers even if just for a couple of hours a week or fortnight. Cleaning, walking and generally helping out will make life for all those involved in the shelter easier.

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