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Choose the Finest School for Your Kid

By The Shri Ram School
The job of parents doubles once they start sending their kids to school. From choosing the right school to taking care of the homework and other related things- everything needs proper attention. In order to ease the process, they must opt for a good school. 
It is true that when parents manage to choose the best school for their kid then half of their work is done. There are many IB schools in Delhi that provide quality education balanced with extracurricular activities. One such example is The Shri Ram Schools that helps in proper development of the child. 
Being a great example, The Shri Ram Schools follow the ideology that children must be given an environment that makes them want to come to school every day. They work hard to promote individuality through value-based education that further promotes a global outlook yet retains intrinsic Indian cultural traditions. They are famous for providing the following features:
  • Facilities: It offers a great infrastructure and is well equipped with modern day facilities and amenities like advanced classrooms, simulation centers, etc.
  • Co-curricular activities:  This school effectively runs co-curricular activities related to performing arts- theater, dance, music and science, literature, visual arts, sports, etc. This allows the children to learn creative activities that add to their growth and development in life. They work, play and interact with teachers and other students, which boosts individual confidence and improves their communication skills. 
  • Academics: It is vital that the school holds a brilliant teaching methodology, just like the one at Shri Ram Schools. The classes are interactive and experiential to keep the kids engaged, active and to bring out the best in them. The tutoring way of the teachers is a combination of exceptional approach and research. In fact, good teachers can effectively bring a positive change in a child’s persona.
  • Educators: The main purpose of any educational firm is to provide education, but the aim of a good school is to provide quality education to its students. Your kid will get that in Shri Ram Schools as the programme is set with proper care and precision. 
Keeping above features in mind, do a thorough research before choosing a school. Always choose the right school for your child’s bright future.

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