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Cholent Street Food

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I can see it now - food trucks selling cholent parked on the streets near parks in Haredi neighborhoods, near business centers and outside the stadiums hosting sporting events. Maybe they'll pour the cholent into those paper cones, or maybe into tacos, or the classic paper bowl.
Cholent street foodA car company wanted to advertise an event in the Hamodia paper. The event was going to be some sort of sale on Thursday night, and an added selling point was free cholent for attendees of the event. The ad bore the image of a car, and next to it was a pot brimming with hot steaming cholent. The image actually looks more like an ad for cholent than for cars.
I would point out, to paraphrase the words of the hadran, they run and we run - they run to nonsense and we run for Torah, by mentioning that while the secular and non-Jewish world advertise their cars for sale with images of scantily clad pretty women, we advertise our cars for sale with pots of cholent! מי כעמך ישראל!!
The Hamodia censors filtered out this ad and rejected it, explaining that the phenomenon of Thursday night cholent is too "streety" - rechovit in Hebrew.
source: Kikar
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