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Chocolate Cream Pie

By Lemon_sugar
Chocolate Cream Pie

Dear Chocolate Cream Pie,

I love you.



Right? Who doesn't love a good chocolate cream pie? Crumbly, buttery, chocolaty crust. Creamy, silky chocolate pudding, topped with lightly sweetened, homemade whipped cream. And chocolate shavings.

It's the best thing, ever. And really, its very easy - a bit time consuming, but very easy. You guys, if I can make this stuff, seriously anyone can. Do it!

Chocolate Cream Pie

Probably the most difficult thing about this pie is that you need to track down a Nabisco%20Famous%20Wafers%20-%20Chocolate%20-%209.00%20Ounces">package of chocolate wafers - they can be a bit elusive, but I almost always find them by the ice cream toppings and ice cream cones at the grocery store. They come in a cardboard sleeve, and one package makes the perfect amount of crust. And they're fantastic.

If you've tried really hard and can't find them anywhere, you can use the chocolate part of an Oreo - don't use the filling for this recipe. Just use a Cuisinart%20KML-10%20PerfectWeight%20Digital%20Kitchen%20Scale">kitchen scale to measure out 9 ounces.

The filling is basically a homemade chocolate pudding. It uses a lot of egg yolks, and it seems a bit intimidating, but really - if you follow the recipe exactly, it's a piece of cake. Or pie. Chocolate pie, actually.


Chocolate Cream Pie

The past five years (wow- can you believe I've been blogging for nearly five years?!?) have taught me a lot about baking and cooking in general, but probably my most important nugget of experience is that you should always pre-prep your ingredients. Pre-measure, lay everything out, get organized. It will save you SO much time, and prevent the freak-outs when you are in the middle of something and can't walk away.

And, there's something fun about having little bowls of pre-measured ingredients spread in front of you. You can pretend you're on a cooking show.

What? I don't do that. Psssht.

Chocolate Cream Pie

If you're going to make this recipe, just make sure you have plenty of time for the filling to set up. I like t make it the night before, then make the whipped cream right before I serve it. Whipped cream is definitely best when it's fresh.

Hope you love this one! Enjoy!

Chocolate Cream Pie

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