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Chocolate Cake and Other Keys To Happiness

By Ventipop @ventipop

I laugh all the time when I watch Portlandia, so it was sort of a shock to read Portland, Oregon ranks as the unhappiest city in the country. Probably because of all the rain and clouds. 222 Days a year the sky is gray there. The full top five unhappiest cities are Portland, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit and Cleveland.

Top five happiest cities? Boulder (Happy, healthy bastards), Holland and Grand Haven, Michigan (maybe a war between them to settle the tie will bring their happiness down a notch), Honolulu (insert an "I got lei'd" joke here), Provo (if I had a backup wife I'd be happier too) and finally Petaluma, California which I know nothing about other than when you Google it, you find it's in the heart of Sonoma wine country so they're probably all drunk.

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