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Chinese Proficiency Competition Challenges Foreign Middle School Students

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Some people just wanted to learn Chinese language. Regardless of their personal reasons, some people just find Chinese learning significant. We know how English seem to outlast Chinese language with its influence, but in some areas, particularly in Mexico City, Chinese language learning was given a significance due to its implementation for a certain event.

A news posted by Xinhua just this June 4th announcing the 4th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition or Foreign Middle School Students. This event has been a very important Chinese language contest since it is a competition for foreign students all around the world. This year, the teenagers in in Mexico proved how excellent they are regardless of their location. We know that Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country, right? Yet the country’s Chinese learners proved that their target idiom can still be acquired even if they are not necessarily in China literally.

Now, discussing the mentioned event, the “Chinese Bridge” contestants “had to pass three rounds during Saturday’s competition, including speech, talent show and question answering”, posted by Zhang Xiang, the article’s editor. There were actually 13 young contestants, which they all come from five different Chinese teaching organizations. During the competition, they discussed their experiences and reactions while learning Chinese language, singing Chinese songs, dancing folk dances like Taichi fan, and more. It was an exciting event worth investing for.

The performances displayed by the contestants caught Mr. Ding Wenlin’s impression. He’s actually the officer in-charge of Education Section of Chinese Embassy in Mexico. He was so delighted that more and more teenagers attend Chinese Bridge every year and the competitive level is also rising.

“The young learners can learn Chinese language and contact Chinese culture at an early age,” he said. “The children can also bring the whole family the enjoyment of understanding Chinese culture, which is good for laying foundations for the friendship between China and Mexico.”

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