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Chinese and Vietnamese Languages for the Perfect Pitch

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There are so many things why to learn a new language. In different types of languages around the world, there are corresponding opportunities to gain by learners without age limit. To learn Chinese Beijing in particular, as well as, Vietnamese as a child, according to scientific research, it can make the learners more musical. Furthermore, the research also proves that being fluent in new languages can help learners to have great pitch.

Learn chinese language for music

Music school for Chinese zither (may be Guqin). By Yuefu, via Wikimedia Commons

The researchers confirmed the certain study the time they have completed their investigation about the reason of the great pitch that actually atypical in the U.S. and Europe to even among musicians. It was said that out of 10,000 there’s only one has the gift, in which in certain areas in China this is very normal.

During the research, the scientists have created some actions to prove the perfect pitch apparently. With the help of 203 students who have played a part on the test, they were asked to recognize every part of the 36 notes from 3 octaves that was played in haphazard systematically. On the test, students who are part of it were included 27 national Chinese along with Vietnamese students in various tonal language levels of excellence that they learned from each student’s parents.

The result of the test revealed that Asian learners get scored no better compared to white learners if they were not excellent and fluent in relation to their parents’ native language; however, those extremely fluent learners have scored well, getting the approximate 90% of the notes exact on standard.

The study proposes that to learn a tonal language has a big part in perfect pitch, which is preferable than genes. A Psychologist named Diana Deutsch who led the research said about the students in the test, “They did incredibly well. It was overwhelming. In my experience, musicians in China don’t regard perfect pitch as anything remarkable because it’s very common.”

Remarkably, Chinese Mandarin language such Cantonese and Vietnamese language are tonal language that every pitch of word of these particular languages are necessary to its meaning.

“It really looks as though infants should acquire perfect pitch if they are given the opportunity to attach verbal labels to musical notes at the age when they learn speech,” Professor Deutsch added. For those who want to learn Chinese, make the most of your learning through Chinese mandarin language school.

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